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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I submit my balloon order? 
     The moment you decide that your event will not be the same without Pippy's Poppin Balloons, it's time to             order! Orders should be placed a minimum of a week in advance of your event. Pippy's Poppin Balloons               custom orders balloon for every event when necessary, and needs time to ensure that the correct balloons are       in stock. If you cannot place your order with over a week's notice, Pippy's Poppin Balloons may not be able to       complete the order. Keep this in mind when ordering, and reach out if you have any questions!

I submitted an order form, what's next? 
     Thank you for choosing Pippy's Poppin Balloons! Your order form will notify me that you are looking to                  purchase the designated items. I will soon reach out to you asking for more information about the event, or          in the unfortunate case I am unavailable, I will reach out to you and let you know of such.

I haven't heard from you about my order, What do I do?
     Although I try to process incoming orders daily, there are occasions when I, and other individuals who                  assist in managing my services, are unavailable on a daily basis. If you have waited over a week and have            not heard from Pippy's Poppin Balloons, feel free to reach out once again, preferably on another social                  platform. You can reach me on Facebook and Instagram, and at

WHat does "CBA" mean?
     CBA means Certified Balloon Artist. It is an exam that tests the knowledge of balloon artists in front of the            world's leading balloon manufactuer, Qualatex. I passed this exam in 2020, and have continued to use it to          show the quality I put into my work.

Is Pippy's Poppin Balloons a registered trademark?
     Yes! Pippy's Poppin Balloons is registered as an official trademark. In any official capacity you will see a ®,          which indicates that it is a legally registered trademark.

Do you use helium in every design?
     In most cases, I use air, not helium. Some exceptions would be a String of Pearl arch or a bouquet.

Do you deliver?     
     Yes! I deliver all across the state of Maine, to any and every city or town.

Do you charge to deliver?     
     Due to the increase in gas and vehicle expenses, I have started charging delivery fees for greater traveling           distances. They are automatically factored into your final price, and will be clearly marked as a delivery fee.            Delivery fees are final and non-negotiable unless specified by Pippy's Poppin Balloons.

Do you have Social Media?     
     Yes! You can find me on Facebook and Instagram @pippyspoppinballoons. 

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